Inexpensive Remodel Ideas That Look Classy

Dated: 05/09/2018

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Add a Medallion:  

Today’s medallions are knockoffs of traditional plaster ornamentations found in exquisite turn-of-the-century homes, and are made of lightweight urethane. Installing one is an easy do-it-yourself project.  I found a 24-inch-wide medallion that cost $94.


Wanting to spruce up their plain entry (and needing a bit of organizational space), homeowners could create faux wainscot by nailing up $65 worth of 1-inch-thick boards and painting everything white. Hooks screwed into the boards provide storage for coats and bags, and a flat board at the top creates a small shelf for artwork and knickknacks.

Paint the Ceiling

Although most folks paint their ceiling white or a bright color — the better to spread light around interiors — a dark color has drama. By quieting down ambient light, a dark-colored ceiling is an inexpensive way to create hushed elegance. Daylight from windows or light from a lighting fixture puts emphasis on single objects, such as this leather-covered chesterfield.

Crown Molding

If you’d like to give your kitchen cabinets a regal touch, add crown molding where the upper cabinets meet the ceiling. If you have a custom paint job on your cabinets, such as this antique glaze, try painting the molding before installing it.


Styles change, but the stainless look still defines a kitchen as tres chic. Cool stainless steel tiles come in a variety of shapes, such as the mini-subway tiles sho, for about $20 per sq. ft. Smaller tiles are pre-assembled in 1-by-1-ft squares with mesh backing for easy installation. Tough and easy to clean, they make a great backsplash.

Add Cabinet Trim

Flat, boring kitchen cabinet doors be gone! Adding inexpensive ($5 for 8 ft. lengths), pre-primed trim can transform once-plain-Jane cabinets into stellar attractions. Cut the corners with a miter saw, then glue them in place. Want more? Home owners,  add faux texture by first covering the doors with beadboard wallpaper — $30 for a 20-inch-by-30-foot roll.

Metal Ceiling Tiles

Back in the day, folks spruced up ceilings with inexpensive tin tiles that mimicked the decorative plaster ceilings of more expensive estates. Today, you can find new metal ceiling tiles for $15-$25 for a 2-by-2-foot panel. Saved more than half that cost by shopping for old tin ceiling tiles at a warehouse specializing in salvaged building materials. 

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