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Dated: 10/27/2017

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Find a REALTOR you like, trust, & think you will work well with to search. STICK WITH THE SAME REALTOR THE ENTIRE TIME. Why? This is important for many reasons listed below.

(1) It is much less confusing because your phone & email will not blow up from many people calling. Every time you click for more information on a home search site, your name goes out to multiple agents. Call your dedicated realtor to ask for details on a property. Be loyal to them.

(2) You build a relationship with your REALTOR. They work hard for you even when you are not around. Most people do not realize all the research & behind-the-scenes work involved. Do you work for no pay? Believe me, your "property search assistant" spends a tremendous amount of time doing all kinds of things to help you that you may never know.

(3) Your REALTOR is obligated by the National Real Estate Commission to practice FIDUCIARY DUTIES. What are those? There are both general and specific fiduciary duties. General fiduciary duties include the responsibility to act at all times in good faith and in the best interests of the client. Specific fiduciary duties include care, loyalty, obedience, diligence, full disclosure & accounting. 

This means, by law, if a REALTOR is working for YOU, they must work under strict guidelines that are in YOUR favor. They protect you in ways you may not know about. If you buy a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) home, the owner does not legally have to disclose specifics. Your REALTOR is obligated to tell you the real deal on the property...the good, the bad, the ugly. Professionals have resources to help them that are not available to the general public. A REALTOR is your Protector throughout the process of purchasing or selling property. Owners of property are under no obligation to tell the truth about anything. Often the owner is concerned with selling the property only. A REALTOR's due diligence includes checking out the property by ensuring it is what the other party says it is. There are a number of ways to check & your agent will conduct numerous safe guards on your behalf. Safe guards to protect YOU & one of the biggest investments of your life.

The small percentage you pay for the service of a professional always pays off in the end & saves money. Unless you are a professional, you can make costly mistakes that you may regret later when the dust settles. Are you well educated on the subject?  Do you have resources to reference & use as checks & balances to ensure you are getting the deal you THINK you are getting? Ask your REALTOR :-) but please do not expect them to work for free.

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