All Star Game Starters Announced

Dated: 06/28/2019

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There seem to be three trends in this new All-Star voting process.  First, most of this years all stars are younger and have played for one team, and are having great years.  That probably allowed fans voting on a computer to identify with that player in that uniform. Second baseball did a great job of including stats in this model once the initial vote was finished. I feel this helped the fans choose players who really deserved to be on the team. The starters this year are having great years. Third, if you are a good guy, liked by fans, played for more than one team, and having a good year you a great chance to make it (Brantley and Pence).

MLB All-Star Game Starters

American League

Catcher - Gary Sanchez - Yankees

1st - Carlos Santana - Indians

2nd - DJ LeMahieu - Yankees

Short - Jorge Polanco - Twins

3rd - Alex Bregman - Astros

Outfield - Mike Trout - Angels

Outfield - George Springer - Astros

Outfield - Michael Brantley - Astros

DH - Hunter Pence - Rangers

Catcher - Wilson Contreras - Cubs

1st - Freddie Freeman - Braves

2nd - Ketel Marte - Diamondbacks

Short - Javier Baez - Cubs

3rd - Nolan Arenado - Rockies

Outfield - Christian Yelich - Brewers

Outfield - Cody Bellinger - Dodgers

Outfield - Ronald Acuna Jr. - Braves

My random thoughts on starters. 

No Cardinals or Red Sox.  Wow. Huge fan bases. Mookie Betts and JD Martinez not starters ?! Wow

Multiple Braves, Cubs, Yankees, and Astos... but only 1 Dodger!?  Yet the Dodgers have the best record in baseball!

This might be the best all star game ever.  Gone are the days when a player starts the game hitting .230 because he wears a certain uniform.  Really like this new voting system.

Pitchers and reserves are picked next.  

All-Star game is Tuesday July 9th.

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