NASAs Upcoming Budget Unveiled At Stennis Space Center

Dated: 02/12/2020

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Sending Americans back to the moon and beyond with a budget payload of $25 billion is a go, according to NASA Chief Administrator Jim Bridenstine.

“That’s a 12 percent increase, and it includes $3.3 billion for a human landing system,” Bridenstine said.

To get back into space, NASA has the Artemis program, and they’ll use the Space Launch System (SLS), whose 212-foot core stage is sitting on the historic B-2 test stand at Stennis-- ready for testing this summer.

“We have four RS-25 engines mounted onto the core stage and it is vertical right here at the B2 test stand at Stennis," Bridenstine said. "This summer, we’re doing a lot of testing on it right now, but this summer, we will see fire and smoke coming out of the bottom of that thing in a big way.”

It holds four RS-25 engines, the same engines they used on the Space Shuttle. They’ll be using those on the SLS Core Stage, making Stennis the main cog in America’s new space race.

“The fact that a lot of this activity is happening at Stennis Space Center," Rep. Steven Palazzo said. "We have to make sure they have all the funding and it looks like that’s coming together.”

Coming together with a new golden age of space exploration.

“Friends, we are the Artemis Generation, and we are going,” Bridenstine said.

The hope is to have an unmanned mission to the Moon with the next year or so then send a man and woman to the Moon by 2024.

Courtesy of wlox.com By Bill Snyder

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