21 Back To School Lunches Kids And Adults Will Love

Dated: 09/19/2017

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21 Back-to-School Lunches Kids Will Love

Classic Chicken Soup Anna Williams Pasta Salad With Salami and Mozzarella1 of 21 Charles Masters

Pasta Salad with Salami and Mozzarella

Toss together this salad the night before; your kids will love the combination of fresh tomatoes, cheese, and sliced salami for lunch the next day.

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End-of-Summer Vegetable Soup2 of 21Quentin Bacon

End-of-Summer Vegetable Soup

A great way to take advantage of the last of summer’s produce, this soup is loaded with nutritious vegetables and protein-packed cannellini beans.
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Advertisement Tortellini Soup3 of 21Sang An

Tortellini Soup

Hearty pasta and chicken will please picky palates and keep your kids full for the entire afternoon.
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Turkey and Bean Chili4 of 21Romulo Yanes

Turkey and Bean Chili

Using ground turkey instead of beef lightens up this dish, and your kids will never know the difference.
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ADVERTISING BLT Pasta5 of 21Sang An

BLT Pasta

This fun take on a typical BLT sandwich features crisp bacon, wilted arugula and sautéed tomatoes.
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Chicken Salad With Apple and Basil6 of 21Ngoc Minh Ngo

Chicken Salad With Apple and Basil

Chopped peanuts, crisp apples and fresh herbs liven up diced cooked chicken in a mayonnaise-free salad.
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Advertisement Classic Chicken Soup7 of 21Anna Williams

Classic Chicken Soup

You can’t go wrong with this comfort food classic, which takes just 15 minutes of prep time.
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Spiced Mini Burgers With Couscous Salad8 of 21James Merrell

Spiced Mini Burgers With Couscous Salad

Make kid-size patties spiced with cumin and oregano and serve with a fluffy, vegetable-packed couscous for a healthier take on a burger lunch.
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Advertisement Turkey, Dill, and Orzo Soup9 of 21David Prince

Turkey, Dill, and Orzo Soup

Fresh dill brightens up this quick soup, which is great for using up leftover turkey and cooks in less than 30 minutes.
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Antipasto Salad10 of 21Antoine Bootz

Antipasto Salad

Skip the hot peppers to make this tangy salad kid-friendly. Pasta mingles with fresh green beans, mozzarella, chickpeas, salami, artichokes, and plenty of vinegar for a spin on a traditional Italian appetizer.
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Advertisement Sesame Chicken and Soba Noodles11 of 21Ngoc Minh Ngo

Sesame Chicken and Soba Noodles

There’s no need to serve Chinese takeout leftovers when you can whip up this Asian meal in less than 30 minutes. Pack the vinaigrette separately for your child to add right before eating.
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Orecchiette with Roasted Broccoli and Walnuts12 of 21Kan Kanbayashi 

Orecchiette With Roasted Broccoli and Walnuts

Roasting the broccoli brings out its sweet, nutty flavors, which kids will love when paired with pasta in fun shapes.
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Advertisement Slow-Cooker Smoky Pea Soup13 of 21Susie Cushner

Slow-Cooker Smoky Pea Soup

Let your slow-cooker do the work—all you need to do is chop a few ingredients. Because the soup simmers for several hours, the flavors have plenty of time to develop and meld.
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Bean and Chicken Sausage Stew14 of 21Anna Williams

Bean and Chicken Sausage Stew

In just 15 minutes, you can pull together a hearty and healthy meal. Pack a couple slices of bread alongside so your child can sop up all the tasty juices.
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Advertisement Soba Salad With Chicken and Cabbage Recipe15 of 21 Ellie Miller

Soba Salad With Chicken and Cabbage

Light and refreshing, this salad is dressed with rice vinegar, soy sauce, and freshly grated ginger for Asian flair.
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Mushroom Barley Soup16 of 21Petrina Tinslay

Mushroom Barley Soup

An earthy, fragrant meal in a bowl, this cozy soup is sure to cure lunchtime blues.
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Advertisement Southwestern Beef Chili With Corn17 of 21Hector M. Sanchez

Southwestern Beef Chili With Corn

Use a bell pepper instead of a poblano to adjust the heat level for kids. For an even heartier lunch, pack an individual portion of tortilla chips for kids to dip into the loaded chili.
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Pasta With Peppers and Mozzarella18 of 21 Anna Williams

Pasta With Peppers and Mozzarella

Fresh and easy, this colorful dish has healthy vegetables—bell peppers and arugula—to satisfy you, and cheese and pasta to please your picky eater.

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Advertisement Bean and Bacon Soup19 of 21Antonis Achilleos

Bean and Bacon Soup

There’s no dairy in this thick, rich soup—its creamy texture comes from mashed white beans. It’s a perfect way to warm up as the days start getting cooler.
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Wheat Berry Salad With Bacon 20 of 21Petrina Tinslay

Wheat Berry Salad With Bacon

Wheat berries are chewy, nutty whole grains that provide plenty of vitamins and fiber. Make this salad appealing to kids by adding bacon and sweet dried cherries.
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Advertisement Winter Lentil Soup21 of 21Kana Okada

Winter Lentil Soup

Kids probably won’t be able to identify all the vegetables in this satisfying soup—they’ll just know it tastes good. Cold-weather produce such as sweet potatoes, leeks, and kale make this a perfect winter lunch.

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