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Dated: 08/16/2017

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Your Fixer Upper Will Sell In No Time If You Do These Things

So it’s time to sell that fixer-upper that you’ve been wanting to put on the market forever, but you’re not sure how to market your listing in the most attractive light. We’ve got some advice. You don’t have to be a magician to sell a fixer-upper, but you do have to do a few things in order to make your listing seem more attractive.

No home is perfect, but there are certain homes that are perfect for the right buyer. Here are a few tips that will allow you to get the most out of your fixer-upper.

List your home at a reasonable price

A home with a good value will sell itself, but it’s not as easy as simply subtracting the cost of repairs from your home’s value. Newer homes sell for top dollar, because they don’t require any work. Be realistic when you’re setting the listing price for your fixer-upper.  If your home is in need of some major renovations, don’t expect to sell it for what you bought it for. With that being said, buyers aren’t always searching for just a home. Sometimes, they are in need of a location that’s close to work or a top-notch school district. Evaluate all of these things when you set your listing price. If you need to adjust along the way, then do so!

Use an agent

A good realtor knows that each home has its own quirks. A good realtor also knows their target market, and can most likely help to sell your home more quickly than you would be able to by doing it without his or her assistance. Real estate agents also have plenty of experience in setting price points and usually have a solid understanding of what will sell and what wont.

Don’t alienate non-traditional buyers

Your target buyer doesn’t particularly have to be one looking for a home. Contractors and property investors are also options when it comes to selling your fixer-upper. Some investors see these types of property as the perfect opportunity to turn into a quick profit. With that being said, some buyers who are interested in flipping by making necessary repairs will find your home attractive in order to rent or resell. You never know who your home is going to appeal, so don’t exclude anyone from the audience pool.

Highlight the best features

Are there gorgeous hardwood floors underneath that old carpet? How about a lot of acreage that will allow for additional square footage? Make sure to play up your fixer-upper’s appeal by emphasizing all of your home’s best qualities. Buyers want to feel connected to a home, so use that as an opportunity to share what you love about it. Check to see if you can afford to fix up several aspects of the home before listing it, even if they are small repairs. Even these things can go a long way when it comes to being able to tell buyers what you have invested into the home.

Exposure is key

Targeting a wide market is the best thing that you can do for your fixer-upper. This means pulling out all of the stops when it comes to marketing your property. At The Real Estate Book, we offer a comprehensive marketing package that involves a multimedia package for listings. Real estate agents can manage listings, create ads, and use digital exposure in order to push your listings out to an expansive audience. In the age of digital media, Facebook advertising can be successful as well. Just made sure your pictures are clear and clean. Your potential buyer for a fixer-upper is going to look different than the traditional homebuyer, so it’s important to market your property as many ways as you can.

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