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Dated: 03/21/2016

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Those traveling Highway 49, just north of I-10, may have noticed a few new businesses going up around the Landon Rd. intersection.

One business at a time, the once undeveloped area of land known as Anchor Plaza is becoming everything city leaders hoped. 

"We like to say that Gulfport is open for business and geared for a good time. Our urban development department is busier than ever," said Chris Vignes, the city's public information officer.

According to Vignes, business applications are going in and out of the urban development department daily. Anchor Plaza area is now a hot commodity for developers.

"We've got hotels opening up. We've got Buffalo Wild Wings just opened up. We've got Mugshots will open up March 29. It's just a lot of foot traffic. A lot of good things happening for the city," said Vignes.

Vignes adds that one of the best parts about Anchor Plaza is the proposed conjoining of Daniel Blvd. to the Gulfport sportsplex.

"Daniel Blvd. is going to be turned into a actual boulevard. You'll see green space. You'll see walk paths and that will connect to the sportsplex, allowing these families that are here to see their children and family play, then to come in and enjoy and stay the night," Vignes noted. "They'll come in spend time with their family, vacation and make it more of a trip."

That's not all - Vignes says there's an even bigger announcement coming that involves a restaurant that's never been on the Gulf Coast.

"There's a lot of announcements to come, like I said. There's a lot, but even more along the horizon. We've got a nationally known franchise coming here. We'll make an announcement in the next couple of weeks; in between Newk's and Buffalo Wild Wings," said Vignes.

There's also plans of another hotel to break ground in Anchor Plaza in early 2018.

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